Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Involuntary blog pause

As you might know by now I have a lot of things to do before me and my bf move. I also don't know if the internet has been installed at my new address yet or not (it might already be or it will take time). Also installing my self will take time so there will be an involuntary blog pause.

And yea, murphys law...of course I've got the cold from hell. :(

Hopefully it'll less than a week but we'll see. :)

See you soon. :) <3

Friday, September 12, 2014

A England - Saint George

It's now time to show the second bottle of A England I got and which I've showed in a gradient here. This time it's time to show it alone and it's very pretty even though the holo is very subtle and not visible in all lights. In my opinion the color feels very much like pine forest and I really enjoyed wearing it. The formula is wonderful to use and below is 2 coats. Perfect for holo Friday, don't you think? :)

Here I have a photo without any holo effect (i.e. natural cloudy light) and I think it still looks really nice.
All photos except the last one is in flourecent light. And the polish was bought from ninjapolish for some couple of years ago.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kleancolor - Concrete Gray, swatch

I love a nice gray color on my nails and I think I have too few in my stash, a very welcome member of the "gray's" are Kleancolor - Concrete Gray. It's a creme and has a dark gray color which is purple leaning in color which make it look quite purple in some lights. It takes 2 coats to cover and I really like it. :)

Bought from Ebay. Total per bottle is like 14-19 SEK or like 1,5-2 euro.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

China Glaze - Metallic Muse, swatch

What about more silver toned colors? Metallic Muse is also from CG's fall/winter collection from 2009. This time the metallic silver leans towards green/teal or perhaps the popular color describing word; sea foam. The best part here is that also this one (showed another one yesterday) is a one-coater. If it's green enough for Green Wednesday I don't know, we'll see what Karin says. ;)

Also bought at 8ty8beuaty around when it was released.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

China Glaze - Sci-Fi, swatch

Today I'm showing a polish from my mom's stash, archive nails, because when I'm at my parents place I usually borrow my mom's polishes (with permission of course). 

Anyhow, Sci-Fi is from a fall/winter collection from 2009 but nevertheless not bad at all. I've been thinking of getting a bottle of my one several times but there's always so many polishes one wants. Sci-Fi is a 1-coater and has some brush strokes tendencies even though that doesn't bother me. The polish is almost chrome like, and the color is silver metallic going towards pink/purple or beige depending on the light. It's not 100% gray at least ever. I've also heard that is should be good for stamping which I'm definitely will try next visit at my parents! ;)

In sunlight.

Here is a close-up you can see how cool it looks when it's reflected by light.

This polish is bought from 8ty8beauty.com way back (2009/2010) when me and my mother shared a package.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Nordic Cap - NP21, swatch

Let's look at a blue polish from the Swedish budget brand; Nordic Cap - NP21, perfect for Blue Monday. The cost is 10 SEK which is about 1 euro and all the ones I've tried has been really nice in both quality and drying time. A downside is that some people has experienced that the quality differs, a bottle of black NC can cover in 1 coat but another (rare) bottle might take 3-4, from what I've heard.

However, now we´re going to talk about this particular polish. NP21 is like a bright blue creme with blue shimmer. Depending on the coats, it covers between 2-3 coats. I really like this polish and I've already used it in a bunch of nail art's for example.

 Available in Swedish grocery stores like ICA, COOP, Willys, Citygross and Hemköp for 10 SEK each.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blue Pond nail art

Pond nail art's are just awesome and for today's Nail Art Sunday I have a blue one to show. I've done a green pond before which I also liked and this one wont be the last ;) I guess everybody knows what a pond manicure is by now but to explain it's when you use a jelly polish and layer white dots between the jelly layers to achieve this look. It's a bit time consuming and this is probably like 5 coats of jelly but seriously, it is so worth it! ^^

Polishes used:
China Glaze - Ride The Waves

Nordic Cap - NP13

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Gradient in pink and blue 2

Actually have another pink and blue gradient to show, this time also a "wet-on-dry" gradient. This time the base is pink and the tip gradient is blue. The result is kinda cool and weird at the same time. The pink is so neon it's almost glowing and the blue is very bright too even though that's not a true neon. The blue gradient is also a creme so the gradient isn't so smooth and overlapping, it looks more powdered almost, but still a cool look. Enjoy ;P

Polishes used:
China Glaze - Under The Boardwalk A neon which has changed color from purple to this red toned pink.
HM - Blue My Mind

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gradient in pink and blue

Hi, today I'm showing a gradient I should have worked some more on the blending part. As you might be aware about, there is two ways to make gradients; wet-on-dry and wet-mix.

The wet-mix is when you blend 2 colors or more on the sponge and here 1-coaters/2-coaters are the best (in my opinion) unless you want to use undies (like white polish). The advantage here is that the colors usually blend very well on the nail and the disadvantage is that you start from zero and makes everything in one go with some slightly longer drying time.

The wet-on-dry is when you already have a manicure in any color and add one color on top of the old one to extend and update an existing manicure. Here I prefer shimmers or polishes with a thinner formula (i.e. not 1-coaters) and a disadvantage is that the two colors actually don't blend, it's just one polish being layered ûber thin to make it look like if it's blended and sometime this takes a lot of time to achieve well. The huge advantage is that it can update an old mani in a simple and mostly a very quick way. Below is a manicure which is wet-on-dry which I probably could have blended way better. However from a distance it looks really cool, it's just two polishes and still a "middle" color appear. :)

Had to show you with sunshine too. The shimmer really shows then.
Polishes used:
HM - Blue My Mind
China Glaze - Love's A Beach

If you managed to go through all my text above, which method do you prefer?  Depending on the polish both can create the same result with the same ease in my opinion. So based on that I actually prefer both methods equally depending on the time and what I want to create. :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kleancolor - Fashionista, swatch

Now almost all of my polishes are packed and sent to my parents and I can't help wondering if I have too few green polishes with me to Germany? However it's very likely I'll be able to get hold of some new polishes there too. ;)

For Green Wednesday I'm showing a beautiful military green color going towards brown from Kleancolor. It's a creme covering in 2 coats and I love this muddy but still very chic color. :D

What do you think about this green color? :D

Bought my Kleancolor's from ebay.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Nude, black and gold skittlette

I sure have a love for accent nails, and Lelack's Nail Art Sunday theme was perfect for me; Skittlette. The colors I choose this time was nude, black and gold and I did my left and right hand somewhat different but still very cohesive. And I'm very happy with the end result, in my mind it feel edgy and bold but still luxurious and subtle in other ways. ^^ Hope you like em'.

Polishes used and materials used:
Jordana Pop Art - Black Mark

L.A. Colors Art Deco - Gold Rush
Kleancolor - Almost Good As Gold
L.A. Girl Glitter Addict - Uninhibited
Nordic Cap - NP12
HM nail polish - Nerd
Black opaque (oil slick look) 3MM
Black opaque (oil slick look) 2MM
Gold diamond metal stud rhinestones