Monday, January 26, 2015

Smitten Polish - Look To The Western Sky, swatch

Decided to layer this over the purple creme Claudia - 610. Look To The Western Sky is a gorgeous purple jelly with pink, yellow and orange hexagons and purple/pink(magenta?) colored tiny glitter. I used 3 coats to still achieve the jelly look because the glitter looks so much better when it's covered by the jelly in some places, like a jelly sandwich. However it is opaque on it's own too, I just thought it was handy when I already had purple on. Maybe the polish looks slightly darker than it originally is because 610 is influencing the finishing result. A really gorgeous polish which I can't understand why I've waited so long to use.

Bought years ago when Smitten Polish still had an etsy store.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Colored rhinestones on gray nails

Ehm, to be honest this isn't a nail art I'm so happy with, but I'm showing it anyhow. I don't like my accent nail, think I placed the rhinestone while the base polish was too wet and also pressed down the rhinestones to far down, making them drown slightly. I like my other nails though. And as you see, it's a nail art with the Born Pretty Store Rhinestones which I've reviewed HERE and also showed HERE before. ^^

Polishes and materials used:
HM - Miss Stone Heart
Born Pretty Store 2mm Fluorescent Round Rhinestones Acrylic UV Gel Nail Decoration

Born Pretty Store always has free world wide shipping and if you're interested in purchasing you can always use my code NGL91 which gives you 10% discount on this and/or all products at BPS. Original price is $3.83 but with discount ~$3,5.

Here's the direct link: Fluorescent Round Rhinestones Acrylic UV Gel Nail Decoration 2mm
***Some product(s) in this post has been provided for review, however it has not changed my opinion about it***

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Oopsie Daisies - Moonside, swatch

Time for a swatch and here is a polish I bought ages ago..A pity considering how beautiful it looks. It's a black jelly filled with matte blue and yellow micro glitter (and the yellow sometime look green under the black jelly) and then there's small red matte hexagons. Here I've used 4 coats but next time I'll use a black creme and then perhaps 2 coats of Moonside since I still want the jelly effect. This one is top coat heavy, it's almost textured without it (see bottom pic without tc) and I actually used 2 coats of SV to make it super shiny and smooth even though it could work with just one coat too. As a summary I really like this polish; I like the glitter density, the glitter colors and the jelly effect.

Flourecent light.

Natural light.

No top coat on. Look how it almost look textured.
 What do you think?

Bought at Oopsie Daisies etsy shop way way back.

Friday, January 23, 2015

NCC presents: 70's wallpaper nail art

Time for another nail challenge collaborative, the second this month with the theme wallpaper. And as I said in my first post I decided to do a little "history lesson", doing my nail art's inspired by the wallpaper/interior designs of certain decades, going back in time. My previous post was early 21st century, with some sort of past present time and today I take a major leap into the 70s.

The 70s was a colorful period of time; wallpaper and interior design wise. A main color seem to have been bright orange as accent, often combined with yellow, red and brown as seen below. Quite often I've noticed avocado green details too (even seen a full kitchen in avocado green). My mom told me that her mom (my grandmother) painted their bathroom bright orange during the late 60s.

Source 1 (dots), Source 2 (stripe on white), Source 3 (stripes again)
Onto my nail art. I struggled a bit with this one for no reason, had a bad nail art day and redid some nails 3-4 times and when I was done I accidentally dipped my undried nails when cleaning away my bottles.. Just to redo, again, lol. I went all in for the dots and my original plan was striped accent nails but that failed so at the end I decided to make swirls, using the needle dragging technique. The swirl technique I've done before in two colors (b&w), but this time I decided to use four colors and it became quite cool. I'm quite happy with the result but I think it could have looked way cooler and I'll probably try a 70s nail art more times. Hope you'll enjoy.

My dominant also got dots, really cool like that too I think. ^^

Polishes used:
KIKO - 324
P2 - Dating Time
Essence - Polka Holga
Essence - Love Is In The Air

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Manhattan - 71s, swatch

The first polish I bought in Germany and also my first try with this brand; Manhattan. I like the bottle design and from what I've experienced the polish, formula and application is good. The most boring part is the name; 71S. 71S is a light and gray toned minty shade, slightly more to the the blue side than green. Hopefully green enough for Green Wednesday ;) The formula is crelly and the polish if filled with tiny glitters in red, purple, yellow and green. As with all crelly+glitter-combos you get this jelly-sandwich-effect which I really like. Below is 3 coats :P What do you think?

Bought at Kaufland (german grocery store) for for 1,75 euro (think I got the wrong price though, seen that the price I payed is for the smaller size bottles)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

NCC presents: Early 21st century wallpaper interior design nail art

This month in the Nail Challenge Collaborative the theme is wallpaper and at first I was a bit "meh" about it, but then I got super excited when I realized the options of it. My thought span was from computer's wallpaper to the actual wallpaper and then I decided to narrow it down further and do a tiny history lesson of it. Wallpaper is part of interior design and during the century different trends have been standing out. As you know NCC only have 4 designs so I've narrowed it down to that so there will be some jumps in the decades. Also I would like to point out that there isn't any right's or wrong's here, just because I choose one color combo that wont mean that there weren't any other and also the color trends might have occurred during different times/decades in different places over the world. And on top of that a lot of people use to stick with an interior design of a specific time for decades, like at my grandparents place it was a lot of 60s stuff also in the 90s.

My first wallpaper nail art is some kind of early 21st century nail art, like from late 90s to 2010ish. And there has been a super white era during this time talking about interior design. In Sweden (at least) there has been a hype (which is slowly fading out) to paint (or buy) literally every item in your home to white, with some few tiny details in other materials or colors, like silvery metal/glass or occasional white glazed wood. It's a feminine rural style, sometime shabby chic.. Also don't forget about the large wooden letters on the wall saying "love" or "family".. Today I can mention that this white+silvery has changed to white+copper or white+brass for the trendy ones.

Source 1 (living/bath room), Source 2 (wallpaper), Source 3 (kitchen)
So.. onto the nail art, in an aim to keep to whole interior of a home white, there still has been some patterns on the wallpaper, like subtle metallic patterns. Here I chose a white base and then stamped a holographic pattern using Color Club - Harp On It with the Born Pretty Store Stamping plate QA88. An image plate I won from MoreNailpolish. :) Stamping with CC was awesome, worked great and the holo was visible, but subtle due to the thin lines and I must say this was one which looked better IRL. It was hard to photograph, if it got dizzy or too light the pattern doesn't show, but at least you get the vision. I also added some pearl rhinestones to fit the romantic and feminine style.

Sunlight so here you can see some of the holo in the stamping.

Polishes and materials used:
Color Club - Harp On It
Nordic Cap - NP13
Squishy XL stamper from eBay
Born Pretty Store Image Plate QA88

This is the image plate I won at MoreNailpolish. (lol, I just had to take the photo after the stamping) and I must say it worked great, sharp pattern and easy to pick up. I can recommend it and if you decide to get it from BPS I have my 10% discount code for you to use; NGL91.

An InLinkz Link-up

So, do you recognize this interior design/wallpaper trend from where you're from? Do you like it the "white trend" or do you prefer other colors/combos in your home? Tell me. Also what do you think about the subtle stamping? :)