Friday, April 24, 2015

Catrice - Call Me Princess, swatch

An unusual purchase to be me, it's pink! ;) Basically I thought that Call Me Princess from their Crushed Crystal collection was a texture polish, similar to something Isadora had 2014. However, as it turned out, there is no noticeable grit! Surprisingly I liked this and the color shifting has a huge part of it. When angeling the nail I think the pink goes from gold, to warm light pink to dark hot pink in the edges. Basically it contains color shifting glass-flecks/tiny glitter ranging from pink to gold, all in a pink jelly base.It covered surprisingly well and I used 3 coats even though 2 could have been enough (the 3rd didn't make that big of a difference), there is some VNL going on but adding more coats doesn't hide it in this case. And I must say it shows a bit more in the pictures than IRL. The polish formula is good and covers fast however the brush is more of a wide "brom" even though I prefer wide over tiny brushes.

I think this picture shows the color shifts the best, darker hot pink going towards warm golden pink.

This last picture is the only picture taken with cellphone, it's also in the sun because I wanted to show how much CMP is glittering. ^^

Awesome price; 1,35 euro (on sale) at Rossman.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Zentangle pattern nail art in yellow, black and white

I just love yellow, black and white together! They compliment each other so well. I saw something similar at Lucysstash two years ago and knew I wanted to create something similar, but in other colors. I used the gorgeous Butterbeer as a base and then I used white nail polish and then made black stripes with my fine liner. Sadly my black fine liner was a bit dry but I think it came out okay anyhow. Loved this and I'll probably end up recreating it again. :)

Polishes used:
Kleancolor - White
Jordana Pop Art - Black Mark (lol look at that old bottle! Can't even see the logo..)
Alanna Renee - Butterbeer (swatch)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

KIKO - 656, swatch

656 is from KIKO's cupcake collection and is a pastel green texture with red and blue shredded particles in it. The base color of 656 is a very yellow toned green, but green it is, and suits for Green Wednesday! On my nails I think it sometime even looks yellow in certain lights. I needed 2 coats for it to cover and I experience it to be slow drying. The formula was good but the brush wasn't so good in my bottle (hard to explain but like a broom, too big even for my wide nails, see pic below). Otherwise I like KIKO's other brushes. Anyhow, I like this. I'm all about matte textures and I think the shredded particles in this looks really cool.

Bought in a KIKO store for sale at 1 euro.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

P2 mini haul

P2 is a brand I've mentioned a couple of times here, it's sold through a german drog store called DM.

P2 have a bunch of regular polishes, like cremes and shimmers but they also have seasonal LE polishes. Below are their new creme textures in 8 shades. They're reminding a lot about KIKO's cupcake collection, however since I only got the green KIKO I can only compare that one and looking at the bottles they look like dupe´s. Also the pink, and the left orange shade look suspiciously similar when I compare pictures. However, I don't care since this means more chances for cool polishes. :D

Below are the ones I decided to buy from the bunch, the green, the blue, the purple and the yellow. Maybe I'll end up buying the rest too.. the brown is for example so fugly I might end up getting that too.. XD I also picked out some super-LE's from P2 too, which is some matte spring glitter polishes.

And here's some closeups (same order as above) :

What do you think about this creme texture trend? :)

Monday, April 20, 2015

NCC presents; recreating member designs; Animals - Leopard inspired by Druid Nails

Here's my second manicure for the Nail Challenge Collaborative theme this month. We're recreating member designs and I really liked a Leopard manicure which Druid Nails did a while back and decided to give em' a try. I like her version better, maybe my leo spots are too small? Or maybe the "rounded shape" the spots creates on the blue, is too rounded? Also she did her thumb and pinkie with full leo, I didn't. Sadly the holographic silver glitter, didn't look holographic/prismatic in these pictures, so you'll have to imagine.. ;) And as you understand I hurried up fixing this one done for today, it's blue and suitable for Blue Monday! :)

Polishes used:
Rival De Loop - 406, (swatch)
Nicole by OPI - Make A Comet-Ment
Essence - Let's Get Lost

Sunday, April 19, 2015

NCC presents; recreating member designs; Blacken Roses inspired by The Polish Playground

So, because of my computer "problems", the "tea issue", I'm behind on the Nail Challenge Collaborative.. This month it's Recreating member designs in honor of our 3rd Anniversary. I haven't been around for 3 years in the group but scrolling through the different folders with themes have been fun. Since I have a weak spot for  black and white I decided for a mani from the B&W folder for my #1. I decided on a look created by The Polish Playground which she calls Blacken Roses.

Mine is not a dead on exact copy, first of all I don't have a rose pattern to stamp, and I created a bow of my own with rhinestones. However, I think it's clear from what I got inspired by! I made a white base, then freehanded black roses and created a bow with rhinestones and silver metallic beads. I just LOVED wearing this! :D

Polishes used (forgot to take pics, sorry ;))
Essence - Wild White Ways

R de L Young - Black (fine liner polish)
2 MM clear rhinestones
Silver metal beads

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Comparison; Nails Inc - Belgravia and China Claze - There's Snow One Like You

Yea I know, maybe not the right season. But while I'm at it, a comparison between Nails Inc - Belgravia and China Claze - There's Snow One Like You. Both are white texture polishes as you can see.

Nails Inc - Belgravia 

  • Jelly with sparse on texture, white hexagons and prismatic hexagons(which never look prismatic on the nail).
  • 4 coats (needed 5 on some nails).
  • Very difficult application, almost fishing for the texture and there is some dabbing needed to not get bald spots. In general less textured and not as "tipex white" as TSOLY.
  • Drying time is about 35-45 minutes. Quite similar to TSOLY, but I guess the many coats increase the drying time.
  • Cost; about $11 (CAD) (At the time I bought it, it was comparable to about 8 euro)

China Claze - There's Snow One Like You

  • Jelly/crelly filled with texture and white matte hexagon glitter.
  • 2 coats
  • Also difficult application, the formula is thick and "lumpy" with the texture/glitter, however much easier than Belgravia. Much more textured and more white than Belgravia.
  • Drying time is about 30 minutes which is normal for textures (imo).
  • Cost; about $4 (US) (At the time I bought it, it was comparable to about 4 euro)

Nails Inc - Belgravia

Nails Inc - Belgravia

China Claze - There's Snow One Like You

China Claze - There's Snow One Like You
So, overall I prefer China Claze - There's Snow One Like You. I know it has more of a cottage cheese feel or like really fluffy new fallen snow, but I like that. Also, TSOLY is half the price of Belgravia, and also TSOLY need half the amount of coats, which should mean that it would last twice as long (if any one would empty a bottle..). I didn't experience any major tip wear with any of them (however I wrapped the tips) but the only thing I didn't like with both of them is that the "texture balls" are gray toned plastic (as for all textures, but here it shows more). After a couple of days wearing for both TSOLY and Belgravia the gray plastic shows a tiny bit after some wear and tear (since there's no top coat), and makes the white look a bit "dirty" in an unpleasant way. Belgravia beeing less white from the beginning has an disadvantage there.

So, do you have any of these?  Which one do you prefer? Do you even like matte textures? ;)