Saturday, May 17, 2014

17th of May Norwegian flag nail art

Happy 17th of May! It's the Norwegian constitution day and I have some old archive nails to show you. The photos are actually from 2011 but I've been occupied and forgot about posting them every year until now.

Right hand.

Left hand.

I think it's fun to see the difference of my nails from now and then. At 2011 my nails just barely had started to maintain length with out peeling and breaking and I had a much rounder shape of my nails than I have now. I can also see that my right hand had much more uneven length than the left one. I'd also like to claim that my photo skills have improved a lot. ;)

Another thing, I've noticed that my new job takes a lot of energy and time for me so blogging time has been very limited. Currently it feels like I wake up, work, eat and sleep and some nights I haven't even started my computer. I'm still hoping that I'll get things more routine based because I have at least hundred of posts in my archive waiting to be posted but until I get things figured out there will be less posts here and less comments in your blogs.


  1. These looks nice - wow a few years back. It's always good to go back and look at what it was like back then and how things have evolved in your blog. I know I cringe at some of my early posts - but I was just learning.

    Yeah life does get in the way of blogging lol (or does blogging get in the way of life!). I work nightshift and find it hard to maintaining posting, but I'm determined to keep it up! Hopefully you'll figure it out and we'll see you regularly. :-)

  2. MIn 25% norska gener tycker det var en väldigt passande manikyr. Kul att se den stora skillnaden på dina naglar jämfört med idag och dina fotoskills har helt klart utvecklats dom med.

  3. Häftigt med ett arkiv som har så gamla manikyrer (och så många, 100!!)! Kan inte bli mycket mer nationaldag än så här :)


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